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The objectification of women in the East Asian airline industry is reflective of sexist norms in the region - which are all too well received by the West

Xiaochen Su November 22, 2017
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As recent events commemorating Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare show, China is using cultural "soft power" to promote the Chinese Dream around the world

Lucy Nordberg November 21, 2017

Water is a geopolitical asset that gives Turkey influence over its Middle Eastern neighbours - but it also risks sparking further economic and political instability

November 16, 2017 Ben Abbs
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President Trump has lifted a host of economic sanctions against Sudan which have been in place for twenty years - but who will benefit?

Ayo Awokoya November 14, 2017
Reefer Madness. Wikimedia Commons

Research into the medical benefits of cannabis and psychedelic drugs has produced some impressive results - but their illegal status is hindering scientific progress

Thomas Lewton November 10, 2017