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Nigeria’s energy sector is in dire need of development, but it’ll take more than a new hydroplant to alleviate the country’s energy crisis

Ayo Awokoya October 30, 2017
French President Emmanuel Macron

Macron skyrocketed to power and has enjoyed international popularity. But at home his economic reforms are proving tough for the French electorate to swallow

George Royce October 27, 2017
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The Merkel-Schäuble brand of development has manifested in the private-sector led ‘Compact with Africa’. Developmental considerations aside, investors should continue to hold their breath.

Connor Vasey August 14, 2017

President Trump’s promises to roll back Obama’s attempt at normalizing US relations with Cuba is a poor use of Washington’s soft power. Rather, Trump should let dollars flow into the socialist state.

Tom Jones July 31, 2017
Alberta Law Enforcement Response

Swathes of America are being ravaged by the ongoing opioid abuse epidemic, affecting the poorest areas of the country hardest, and costing the US economy some $80 billion every year. Bipartisan action is needed to solve the crisis, writes Anthony Tipping.

Anthony Tipping July 5, 2017
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The appointment of Muhammad bin Salman as the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia could presage the rise of a new, Saudi-led caliphate, writes Peter Ferrara.

Peter Ferrara June 29, 2017
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Why, in some of the poorest regions of the world, do imported goods cost so much? Xiaochen Su looks at the combination of factors that raise prices for the simplest of goods sky-high.

Xiaochen Su June 28, 2017