Philippe Wojazer/AP

The ceasefire in Libya agreed on July 25 is a step in the right direction, but it is unlikely that Sarraj and Haftar’s forces will keep the peace for very long.

M. Hamza Iftikhar August 7, 2017
Jorge Silva/Reuters

Nicolás Maduro has never made any great attempt at hiding his dictatorial ambitions. But the chaos that has followed his constitutional referendum makes it plain to the world that he must be removed from power.

Tom Jones August 3, 2017
Amir Cohen/Reuters

President Obama's overtures to Tehran were disastrous. The Trump Administration must act now to stop Iran from creating a functioning nuclear weapon, but it may already prove too late.

Heshmat Alavi August 2, 2017
Evan Vucci/AP

Vladimir Putin has ordered that the US diplomatic mission to Russia cut its numbers by 775 — a dramatic move, but unlikely to cause the American diplomatic corps any hassle. Rather, Putin risks damaging his own cause.

Tom Jones August 1, 2017