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In March 2017, ISPs in the US were given the ability to sell user data — a move that could change the way the internet is delivered and have far-reaching privacy implications.

Ciara Jevon July 28, 2017
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As the need to address extremism online grows, tech companies find themselves pressured by politicians and law enforcement officials to help prevent terrorist threats. But there are no easy solutions at sight.

Darlí Magioni July 24, 2017

Genomic engineering promises to make crops grow in fierce droughts and cure the incurable. The latest in a long line of technologies, CRISPR, comes closest to achieving this dream, but it has some nasty side effects.

Hugo LaRose July 11, 2017
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In the past few years, drones have taken over the world, but they are far from toys, or a flash in the pan. Darlí Magioni analyzes the impact that drones could have on the world's food production.

Kevin Amirehsani June 19, 2017
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Mobile money transfer services could be a game-changer for the rural East African economy, but governments and telcos are not doing enough to encourage their use.

Xiaochen Su June 12, 2017