Darlí Magioni is a former assistant editor of the Raddington Report.

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As the need to address extremism online grows, tech companies find themselves pressured by politicians and law enforcement officials to help prevent terrorist threats. But there are no easy solutions at sight.

Darlí Magioni July 24, 2017

Boko Haram is far from the only challenge facing the shrinking Lake Chad basin, with water stress, unemployment and demographic pressure playing a big part in the region’s woes. Yet, until insurgents reared their head, meaningful cooperation was virtually nonexistent.

Darlí Magioni July 20, 2017
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Recent advances in the efforts to disarm FARC are definitely cause for cheer in Colombia. However, many challenges persist including reintegrating combatants to society, brokering a similar deal with an adamant ELN and dealing with emergent criminal gangs that threaten to take up the vacuum left by leftist guerrillas.

Darlí Magioni July 14, 2017
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Today and tomorrow, G20 leaders meet in Hamburg, Germany for what promises to be the stormiest encounter in the group’s history. G20 statesmen have never been less united nor less keen to mend their sizable differences. Expect political posturing to trump talk of cooperation.

Darlí Magioni July 7, 2017

The Brazilian President faces another battle to stay in power. For now, he has enough parliamentary support to avoid being investigated in the Supreme Court and seems still likely to finish his term. But how many scandals will it take to force his exit?

Darlí Magioni July 4, 2017
Carlos Garcia Rawlins/ Reuters

As economic woes persist in Venezuela, pressure on President Maduro continues to increase — along with his resolve to stay in power at any cost. Ultimately, his exit is dependent on how many of his key supporters will defect.

Darlí Magioni June 19, 2017
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The rise of nationalism across Europe and America puts traditional methods of diplomacy and international governance at risk, Darlí Magioni argues. What is the future of soft power in a world where rhetoric is hardening and sabers are being rattled?

Darlí Magioni June 6, 2017