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Feisal Omar/Reuters

Algeria's military junta has announced the arrest of an ISIS cell reportedly planning to attack Algiers. But North African branches of ISIS will be harder to tackle in the long run.

Neil Thompson July 27, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

Arab media reports that Arab states and Israel are negotiating a deal to grant Gaza territory in Sinai, and lift the blockade. But is this any more than a pipe dream?

Neil Thompson July 26, 2017
Efrem Lukatsky/AP

Attempts to re-unite Ukraine peacefully have been dealt a blow as the leader of the Russia-aligned Donetsk People's Republic called for the creation of a successor state to Ukraine, with its capital in Donetsk. His plan is unlikely to come to fruition, but it shows peace is far off.

Neil Thompson July 20, 2017
Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

A year after the failed coup and Erdoğan's subsequent crackdown on Turkish civil society, protests organized by opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu have stunned the regime.

Neil Thompson July 14, 2017
Alex Brandon/AP

Former FBI Director James Comey appears ready to join a long list of senior leakers who go unpunished for their wrongdoing. Not so for the unwashed, those outside of "this Town's" club of well-heeled CYAer's. 

Neil Thompson July 10, 2017