VINCENT KAM graduated from Newcastle University reading Economics and Politics. His areas of interest cover macroeconomic trends, international development, and global governance.

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There is an ever-growing call for more private sector involvement in development. What are the potential benefits and risks of ‘blended finance’ in developing countries?

Vincent Kam February 26, 2018
Jessica Lea/DFID

The history of international development is full of brief bubbles of excitement over ‘silver bullets’ to combat poverty. Is the artificial intelligence hype any different?

Vincent Kam February 15, 2018
Wikimedia Commons/Erik C. Barker

Iraq and Afghanistan are striking examples of the entanglement of Western aid and defence priorities. But is securitization here to stay?

Vincent Kam February 6, 2018

Governments around the world are playing catch up with the cryptocurrency hype. But will any major state-led changes come into force this year?

Vincent Kam January 29, 2018