CHRIS SOLOMON is an analyst specializing in Middle East history and politics, and works for a US defense consultancy monitoring local and international media reporting in the Middle East. He has also been a guest lecturer at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, speaking on the US’s strategy to combat ISIS.

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Dr. Thirka Alwash made history in 2015 when she became the first female mayor of Baghdad. What improvements has Iraqi capital seen since her election?

Chris Solomon December 7, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

The quest for a Kurdish state was briefly realized with the 1946 Mahabad Republic. The story surrounding this short-lived nation sheds light on the independence movement today

Chris Solomon November 1, 2017
Omar*, 13, from Daraa in Syria, flies a kite in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Photo by Oxfam International

As the end game of Syria’s civil war approaches, can Damascus rekindle its position in the region’s geopolitics?

Chris Solomon September 29, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

With ISIS on the brink of defeat in Iraq and further operations against it amplifying in Syria, what will be the long term consequences of the US-Kurdish relationship in the region?

Chris Solomon July 24, 2017
Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty

The life and death of a revolutionary Lebanese politician still holds an outsize sway over Syria today. On the anniversary of his death, Chris Solomon explains why the specter of Antoun Saadeh looms large over modern-day Damascus.

Chris Solomon July 8, 2017