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FW de Klerk: South Africa at the Crossroads

The South African Miracle is in deep trouble, writes F.W. de Klerk. President Zuma, through a cocktail of corruption, mismanagement, and racism, is undermining Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

F.W. de Klerk July 27, 2017


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Italian Defence Budget Fails to Meet NATO Targets

Italy's failure to meet NATO spending targets won't just annoy the White House, but it is likely to leave holes in the Italian armed forces.

Tom Jones August 16, 2017



Hi-Tech High Fashion

As high fashion goes hi tech, Stitch Fix, an online personal shopping service, presents a more practical, personalized and perhaps profitable model for future collaborations between fashion and technology.

Ciara Jevon August 10, 2017



Piecemeal: Restructuring Nigeria’s Bloated Government

Frustrated Nigerians are facing off against the government and one another over the country’s structure, with little consensus reached other than “something must change”. But where does the private sector fit in?

Connor Vasey August 15, 2017


John Scott Lewinski

2017 Land Rover Velar: Powering Round the Fjords

The ancient fjords of Norway meet the glistening steel of the Land Rover Velar

John Scott Lewinski August 16, 2017


Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The Citizens of Nowhere and their Coffee Shops

It's been almost a year since Theresa May made a fiercely nationalistic speech about "citizens of nowhere," but what has changed?

Ciara Jevon August 9, 2017


Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Eight is the Magic Number

The United Nation Security Council is no longer fit for purpose: it represents an international order that is over 70 years old. Vesselin Popovski offers a new vision for the UNSC which will result in a more representative, and more effective council.

Vesselin Popovski June 26, 2017


In Saudi Arabia, Family Matters

King Salman's decision to depose former Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, and appoint his son Mohammad bin Salman to the number-two spot in Saudi Arabia is controversial, to say the least.

Josh Phillips June 22, 2017