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Antalya water fall turkey

Turkey’s ‘Blue Gold’

Water is a geopolitical asset that gives Turkey influence over its Middle Eastern neighbours - but it also risks sparking further economic and political instability

Ben Abbs November 16, 2017


LHOON / Flickr

Belarus: Russia’s European launchpad?

Belarus and Russia share similar power structures, are economically linked, and have close military ties - but their relationship is far from perfect

Lorenzo Migliorato November 20, 2017



Data Economy vs. The People

The EU is about to introduce the most comprehensive data protection law ever passed - empowering citizens to bring civil cases against companies misusing their data

Rowan Emslie November 2, 2017


Nigeria hydro energy
Wikimedia Commons

Nigeria’s Next Energy Boost?

Nigeria’s energy sector is in dire need of development, but it’ll take more than a new hydroplant to alleviate the country’s energy crisis

Ayo Awokoya October 30, 2017


All images by Thomas Lewton

Can GM crops fix Africa’s food crisis?

As the African continent opens itself up to using biotechnology for optimizing crops, we can learn lessons from the South African case

Thomas Lewton November 20, 2017


Kiluanji Kia Henda. Photo courtesy Goodman Gallery.

Who is African Art ‘Rising’ For?

African artists are creating new and positive narratives of the continent. But what risks come with the globalization of 'African culture'?

Jonelle Twum September 28, 2017


Chris Goldberg / Flickr

East Asia’s Flying Sexism

The objectification of women in the East Asian airline industry is reflective of sexist norms in the region - which are all too well received by the West

Xiaochen Su November 22, 2017

Wikimedia Commons

Exporting the Chinese Dream

As recent events commemorating Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare show, China is using cultural "soft power" to promote the Chinese Dream around the world

Lucy Nordberg November 21, 2017